A self-taught artist, I was born in 1971 in Orthez, a small town set in South Western France between the Wine Country and the Pyrenees.

In 1994, I found a reel of pewter wire on the counter of my chemistry lab. I began shaping small decorative motifs with this wire, adhering them to a sheet of drawing paper. This craft making technique also known as wire-art released instantly my bottled creativity.

Feeling the inner need to express myself but also conscious of the vanity of such a demarch, this modest art form gave me the liberty to develop without the pressure of all the great art that had been made before me.

It led me to create images that delve with a quiet and deep narrative into the world we live in. The singularity of my work contrasts with the shallowness and the frenzy of the images we get served daily through the media.
Also driven by curiosity and the desire to confront my sculptures/paintings to other cultures, I have worked between 2003 and 2006 with children in Chile, Senegal, Israel, France and India.



  Jerome Forsans portrait

Photo: Jerome Forsans

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